We know you (like us) often run the same searches more than once, whether it be because you’re keeping an eye on fares, frequent a few cities for work, or are looking to get back home to visit friends or family. We also know that even though it’s just a hand full of letters, it is a pain to re-enter cities and dates each time. Same with having to re-specify preferred airlines.

Now, Hipmunk helps solve both problems. You’ll notice a little “login” button at the top-right of the homepage. 


Clicking it and signing up for an account will ensure you can re-run recent searches no matter what computer you’re on.

We’ll also remember your preferred airlines across all your searches.

If you’d rather use your existing Facebook or Google account, you can use those to sign in rather than creating an entirely new account on Hipmunk.


Finally, when you sign up, you can join our new mailing list for the inside scoop on Hipmunk news and special deals as they happen. Enjoy!

What kind of emails would you like to get from the Hipmunk? Or…what other personalized account features would you like to see?