Lots of hipmunk.com in the news this week: Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Venturebeat

Perhaps you saw the hipmunk funding headlines on TechCrunch or VentureBeat?

There’ll be more details to come in the next week or so, but for now, you’ll have to be content with that fabulous Shaun Sanders “dangerous kayaking” desktop wallpaper making the front page of Tech Crunch. Excellent choice of lead image, MG.

Something we are talking about is the good fortune of appearing on Bloomberg TV. Click here to jump to the 1:47 mark if you’d rather skip the jibba-jabba about reddit & startups. It’s been a thrill to watch the hipmunk nation grow leaps & bounds since we launched in just 5 months ago.


Our aviator chipmunk certainly wouldn’t be billed as “the future of flight search” on Bloomberg if it weren’t for all of you who’ve made it your mission to spread the word about our agony-free alternative. We can’t thank you enough (but we’ll try! Thanks, you rock!).

With all the chaos unfolding in Egypt right now, we’re also thankful to be worrying about how we’re going to fix travel search, not what tomorrow holds for the fate of our nation.

We hope you’ll be using hipmunk to book a trip to visit beautiful & historic Egypt one day, but for now, we’d rather just see it at peace.

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