The best fruit in the world

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I may be biased – after all my Hipmunk avatar does have me holding chopsticks – but for me the best fruit there is takes the form of a purple tomato-esque treat with a green leafy stem. Mangosteens are originally thought be from the Moluccas (those same Indonesian islands as cloves, mace and nutmeg) and are now found throughout Southeast Asia. 

I’m back in Thailand and one of the first things I did was eat as many of these as I could handle:

So what do they taste like?

I describe it as a cross between a lychee and an apricot. Other, like F.W. Burbidge who tried the fruit in 1880, though that it tastes “…something like that of the finest nectarine, but with a dash of strawberry and pineapple added.”

Photo by Flickr user Matsuyuki

While the mangosteen isn’t widely found in (or imported to) North America, it’s easy to locate in Southeast Asia from February through May. For those visiting the region, it’s something you shouldn’t miss! 


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