Map of the day: “the places I haven’t been”

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I came across Evan Drolet Cook’s “Places I Haven’t Been” map this week and wanted to share it here.

So much of our online world is showing what we’ve done that we sometimes lose sight of the other side of the coin, the things we still want to see and do. This tongue-in-cheek map, is the perfect visual companion to those thoughts. 

When I first saw the map, I thought of the bulletin board I put together before I left on my round-the-world trip, pinning all the places I’d already seen prior to the longer-term travels. Perhaps I ought to have pinned the places I wanted to go, or the sites that enticed me instead – it would have been a far more inspiring map.

Evan’s got a whole slew of other fun, quirky projects on his portfolio site.

h/t to Lauren for the initial find.

Do any of you have maps that inspire you? Please leave URLs or photos in the comments!


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