More Hipmunk Hotel Tips

Continuing Hipmunk Hotel Month, here are more hotel tips from our in-house expert, Tom.

  1. Self park your car. You’ll save money by not paying for a valet
  2. Hotels typically offer free wifi in lobby and public areas. Access internet in those areas, so you don’t have to pay for wifi in your room
  3. If you ordered room service, place trays outside the door so you don’t have to wait for someone to clear it
  4. Many hotels have extra wine openers and glasses. If you’re having a party, ask if they’ll bring them up for you
  5. Credit cards and cellphones can demagnetize your keys – be careful with them in your pockets and wallet

Next week, we’ll have 5 more hotel tips for you! In the meantime, find the perfect hotel for your summer vacation on Hipmunk