Sometimes a photo says it all…

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I’m nearing the end of my weeks in Morocco, and looking through my photos, it was an incredibly varied time of mountains and desert, delicious food and fun. But of all the photos (and there are many!) one stands out:

I took this after a long and exhausting drive in the pouring rain. I rented a car in Marrakesh and drove toward the Sahara, hoping to make it to M’hamid by the end of the day. The first few hours involved howling winds and lots of water, all as I drove my way up toward Morocco’s highest pass. With sharp switchbacks filled with buses and taxis barreling as fast as they can, it was quite the ride. 

Approaching Tichka Pass, I caught sight of this rainbow in the rearview mirror and pulled the car into the next shoulder I found. Wind whipping my hair, rain on my face, I stood and watched the rainbow brighten and then fade into the distance.

While the desert was fantastic, this is the snapshot that stands out. The rainbow brightened my day earlier this week, but it also reminded me of something that I often forget: oftentimes the journey is as important as the final destination. as

I’ll definitely keep this photo handy as I continue my travels to Turkey!

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