Must Eats: Outsidelands

This weekend, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park with be filled with music lovers to hear Metallica, Skrillex, Stevie Wonder and more at the festival, Outsidelands. But music isn’t the only reason people will be at the sold out festival – there’s art, wine, beer, and food too. Being the foodie city that SF is, the list of food vendors is overwhelming. To make your life easier, and to make sure you don’t miss out on the best eats, we’ve chosen 10 food spots  you must try at Outsidelands.

1. Three Twins, Ice Cream

If you get a sweet tooth, don’t think about getting anything other than ice cream from Three Twins. Their Cardamom and Lemon Cookie are “inconceivably delicious.”

2. Bun Mee Vietnamese Sandwich Eatery, Vietnamese Sandwiches 

The best Vietnamese sandwiches in SF. Grab a Pork and Chicken Banh Mi inbetween music sets to get re-fueled.

3. Pica Pica, Arepas and Yuca Fries

Tried an Arepa? They’re gluten-free and can be filled with everything from black beans to pulled pork.

Arepa from Pica Pica located in the Misson of SF, CA

4. Straw, Falafel and Schwarma Snowcones, Sweet Potato Tots 

You’re at a music festival so carnival fare isn’t too far off. The combination of Falafel and Sweet Potato Tots is perfect for the indulgent "fair food" lover. 

5. Rosamunde’s Sausage Grill, Beer Sausage, Nuernberger Bratwurst 

Gourmet sausages grilled on an open flame – just like you were at a summer BBQ. Plenty of options which range from Chicken Cherry Sausage to Vegan Apple Sage Sausage. 

6.Homeroom – Gilroy Garlic Mac and Cheese

The restaurant only does Mac and Cheese so you know it’s good! Plus, it’s staying local by using garlic from Gilroy, CA. 

Varieties of the classic Mac and Cheese by Homeroom in Oakland, CA

7. The Little Chihuahua, Fried Plantain and Fajita Burritos

Finally, a creative yet still delicious vegetarian alternative! Their Fried Plantain Burrito puts all other veggie burritos to shame. 

8. Philz Coffee, Coffee

Customized coffee made one cup at a time – the best coffee in San Francisco. Order an Iced Mint Mojito if it’s hot out – you can thank us later.

9. Tacolicious, Tacos 

So easy and so good. All their meat is sustainable so don’t feel guilty ordering a Beer and a Shot Braised Petaluma Chicken Taco.

10. Del Popolo, Marghareta, White, and Pepperoni Pizzas

Wood-fired pizza’s made inside a truck. The gourmet pizza’s are so much better than $5.00 stale slices you usually find at festivals.

Yes, this is “food truck” pizza from Del Popolo

There you have it – your personal guide to food at Outsidelands. Don’t blame us if you miss your favorite band because you were too busy eating.

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