New: Be super flexible with your flight dates

We love listening to our users’ suggestions. While we’ve always allowed you to search for flights on specific days (and even a day or two before and after), we’ve never been able to answer the question, “when should I fly to New York in September if my dates are totally flexible?”

But you asked us that question—and questions like it—often enough we figured we might as well just give you the answer. So we built a great way to visualize prices over the course of a month and out as far as 90 days from departure date. The result ties beautifully into the rest of Hipmunk.

First, when you’re on our flight homepage, select the “I’m Flexible” option. Type in your departure and arrival cities as usual. Then, enter the first day you’d be available to depart, and the approximate number of days you could spend on your trip. (If your duration is flexible, use the number after the +- to specify how flexible.)

When you click Search, Hipmunk generates a graph of the lowest price on each departure day. Once you select your departure date, you then see a graph of prices for the various return days. Select your desired return date, and we’ll show you the actual flights to the right of the graph.

From there, you can click to book the flight directly through the airline or provider, or run a full search on a separate Hipmunk tab to see alternate flights on those days. 

In staying true to our techie roots, here are some deeper features:

  • Leave the “number of days” field blank to search for a one-way trip
  • Search for any 30-day period, not just a specific month. So if you’re free from September 10 to October 10, just put September 10 in the search field, and you won’t have to run a separate search for each month
  • Search between 30 and 90 days from departure date by updating the potential return date in the URL 
  • Open multiple tabs to review flexible dates for multiple destinations you’re considering.

Check out where the Hipmunk is thinking of flying this fall and try it out for yourself!

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