New: Hipmunk iPad App!

A few months ago we released an iPhone app to make it easier to find flights while you’re on the go. People loved it, but they kept requesting an iPad version too. When we asked why, the conversation usually went like this: “the iPhone is great when you’re on the subway or in a meeting,” they said, “but an iPad version would be better when you’re luxuriating on the sofa or toilet seat.”

So today we have some good news: we’ve got a free Hipmunk iPad app for finding flights! What’s more, it’s a “universal” app, which means the app runs on both the iPad and the iPhone, and automatically displays the appropriate version for each device.

The features you know and love from the iPhone are still there, including the ability to email booking links to friends and to re-run recent searches.

But because it’s on an iPad, there’s a lot more space, which means you can see more flight options at once. And when you tap a flight result, you now see all the details on the screen at once, including layover times and airports.

Perhaps the coolest thing: the iPad app now has our famous sliders, which make it easy to filter your flight results by time of day.

Let us know what you think!

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