New: Narrow down hotels by geography or chain

Last week we made your hotel search faster. This week we’ve made it even easier to narrow down hotels to just the ones you want.

Firstly, you’ll see a button at the top of hotel search results like this:

Click that button, and you’ll see a rectangle appear right in the map:

Anything inside the gray rectangle appears in the list on the left; anything outside the rectangle is hidden from the list. You can drag the rectangle around, or resize it by dragging its corners.

Whether you use the rectangle or not, you’ll sometimes be zoomed in so much on the map that you’re only seeing a fraction of the hotels in or near a city. Now we’ve made it even easier to see what you’re missing: at the bottom of the list of hotels there’s a note about how many hotels aren’t being shown:

Click that note to zoom the map out and see all the hotels we’ve found.

Finally, if you’re partial to a particular hotel chain (or chains), we’ve made it easy to show only the ones you want. Just select them from the Chains drop-down:

Which are your favorite chains?

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