News: Foreign Currencies and iPad Updates

Once again, you asked and we built it. We’ve got two big updates to both our website and iPad app that will greatly simplify your searches. With these updates, we’re helping you do away with mental math or toggling between our site/app and a calculator. We’re also letting you do more comparison shopping without having to rerun flight and hotel searches and scribble down the prices you’re seeing.

The first update is for our international web and mobile users–we’ve added pricing in many foreign currencies. Before you search for a flight or hotel on the website, navigate to the upper right of the homepage and select, which country you’re visiting from. We’ll automatically show you pricing in that country’s currency. If you don’t see your country on the list yet, fear not! We are working around the clock to add more currencies!

On mobile, we use your phone’s “home base” to detect what kind of currency you use and present results as appropriate:
The second update is to our iPad app. We’re bringing a whole new way to research and explore travel on mobile. The tabbed browsing that you love so much on the website has landed in mobileland! You can now seamlessly run multiple flight and hotel searches at the same time using the tabs at the top of the search results. Explore more destinations or narrow options by dates, price or the criteria that’s important to you. 

Not sure where to go for that vacation and November? 

Compare flights and hotels in Hawaii or Miami to see which has the best overall value. The search results remain stored in the first tab even after you start a new search. And don’t worry about switching over to a new tab while the results are still loading–when the plane and bed icon are filled in, you’ll know the search is complete:

Or you can figure out when to travel by running two searches to the same destination, but in different months:
Oh, and if you are trying to narrow your hotel choices, you can tap “Keep” in the hotel details box and it saves to one of three slots in the upper right corner. When you “Keep” hotels, you can toggle between options which highlight the hotel on the map and bring up the hotel details:
Finally, we’ve updated the iPad app with the sliders you know and love on our website too. Now you can easily filter out flights that don’t fit into your schedule:
If you don’t already have the app, go to to get your free app today!

Happy travels!

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