News: Hipmunk has Fare Alerts

We heard you loud and clear and are happy to announce fare alerts! Signing up for a fare alert is the easiest way to get the best-priced domestic flight without any hard work. Here are two ways to sign-up:

1. Watch Fare Button
Every flight result page has a “Watch Fare” button in the upper left. Click it, enter your email address and hit “Subscribe” (unless you’re already logged in).

2.  While Running Search
While you’re waiting for your flight results to load, subscribe to a fare alert for that flight without disrupting the search. 

How-to Manage your Fare Alerts
With your Hipmunk account, you can manage all your fare alerts! Log in and click "Fare Alerts." Delete and manage all your alerts in one hub. 
There’s no limit on how many fare alerts you can receive. Each morning, you’ll get a snapshot of the fare’s current price, and after a few days, you’ll see a graph so you can see the price fluctuation. When the price of the flight is right, click to buy. Booking flights just got that much easier!

You can easily unsubscribe from the alert anytime or add new alerts. What are you waiting for? Start getting those alerts!

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