North America’s Best Off-the-Grid Resorts

Finding peace and quiet in a vacation no longer has to mean a 15-hour flight across the world to some remote wood cabin. Some of the most luxurious resorts are mere hours away from North America. These off-the-grid resorts offer some of the best amenities, views, and activities as any chai resort hotel in a metropolitan area, but come without the thousands of tourists, hustle and bustle craziness that the Monday morning commute back home brings. All cities share a similarity in being full of people. Next vacation, get out to one of these off-the-grid oases and relax in style without having to plan all that travel time to get there.

Check out some of North America's best off-the-grid resorts!
Check out some of North America’s best off-the-grid resorts!

1. Amangiri — Utah, United States

Nestled in between the buttes of Utah’s valleys sits Amangiri. This luxe compound is one of the most beautiful and unheard of resorts in the country. Owned by the Aman group, Amangiri is a modern take of stone buildings, big windows, and views across the canyon. The hotel is located at the very southern border of Utah, and getting there is probably best with a flight to Flagstaff, AZ first and getting a ride to the resort. The resort also features world-class dining and a spa unrivaled by any other in the country.

2. Fogo Island Inn — Fogo Island, Canada

This secluded masterpiece sits on stilts in one of Canada’s most beautiful, and often freezing seaside towns. While Fogo Island Inn is difficult to get to for an off-the-grid resort, requiring flights to small airports followed by an hour or two drive to the island, it more than makes up for with breathtaking views. The hotel is best recommended in the Late Spring and Early Summer season, as the winter months leave the hotel amidst a thick blanket of snow and ice. (This weather also makes the drive out to the island more difficult as well.) The modern construction and design of the hotel is already an artistic sight, but the views through the expansive windows offer a picturesque look at the area while sitting in front of a warm fire.

3. Lapa Rios Lodge — Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

This island getaway has something for the forest lover and beach goer. The suites are set in the thick brush of the rainforest, with sweeping views of crystal waters crashing onto white sandy beaches. The resort offers some of the best food in the region, with fun activities like horseback riding on the beach, tours through the jungle, and more. The best part? The rooms offer floor to ceiling windows all around, creating the feeling of sleeping out in the wild, without dealing with the bugs.

4. Amuleto — Playa la Ropa, Mexico

Deep off-the-grid resorts like Amuleto on Mexico’s Playa la Ropa offer a luxe look into the seaside towns. While houses speckle the hillside across the bay from the resort, Amuleto has all the feelings of being out in the middle of nowhere in Mexico, surrounded by Nature and oceans on one side, while still having some of the finest accommodations in the area to the other with an impressively kept hotel. This is the stuff of Instagram dreams with well lit suites looking out over the deep blue sea.

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