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5 Best Seafood Festivals

If you are a seafood lover, set your sights on at least one of these top annual seafood festivals. No matter where you turn, you will find mouth-watering fresh seafood delicacies sure to tempt your taste buds and have you… Continue Reading →

What Happens When a Former Facebooker Transforms the Hotel Experience

Facebook’s sixth hire, Ezra Callahan, has moved on from the world of social media and is focusing on a decidedly different kind of startup: an innovative hotel in Palm Springs, CA. After leaving Facebook in 2010, Callahan has since developed… Continue Reading →

How to Plan the Ultimate Hot Springs Getaway

If a stereotypical summer vacation entails relaxing by a pool, then a hot springs vacation could be considered a getaway on steroids. Between the soothing remedy of water and amazing rock formations, what more could a vacationer ask for? There… Continue Reading →

Enjoy Virtual Reality Experiences in Your Room at These Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels is taking the concept of “travel” to a whole new level. Thanks to their new virtual reality room service, physically checking into a new locale is only one way to take a trip. In the new version of… Continue Reading →

Best rooftop bars around the world

Summer is the perfect time to sip cocktails alfresco, and what better place to enjoy the lazy days than on a rooftop with the gold-dipped skyline spreading out before you? Check out some of the best places around the world… Continue Reading →

Navigating Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Ever a city of cultural convergence and commerce, modern Istanbul’s 11 to 12 million annual international visitors can find themselves beckoned into shops and restaurants in their native tongues. There are a great many things to see in Turkey, but… Continue Reading →

The Weirdest Eco-Friendly Hotel Initiatives Around

As awareness of climate change has spread, more and more hotels have begun adopting initiatives to minimize their eco-footprints. Some hotels have even made environmentalism their core selling point, like these four amazing eco-friendly hotels. Other initiatives are more subtle—think asking… Continue Reading →

The Shining to Become the World’s First Horror/Museum/Hotel

Built in 1909, the Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colorado features views of the Rocky Mountains on all sides, as well as a beautiful and stately interior. Its real claim to fame, however is that it served as the inspiration for… Continue Reading →

5 Drone Worthy Trips for a Spectacular Aerial View

Commercially available drones are opening up a new world of travel pictures and videos on social media. Spectacular views that would otherwise require a plane or helicopter ride can be achieved by travelers with just a few pieces of gear…. Continue Reading →

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