Penguins, a Superbus and More Travel News From the Wandering Hipmunk

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg, a former lawyer who has been traveling (and eating!) her way around the world for the last 3 years. Her views and opinions are hers alone and do not represent Hipmunk. You can follow Jodi on her Legal Nomads blog or on Twitter

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Hello Hipmunks! Travel news roundup for the last few days, starting with flair: the 10 nastiest travel diseases, from malaria to dengue to Japanese Encephalitis (and how to avoid them). 

Photographer Brent Stirton spent a month total in Timbuktu, Mali for National Geographic magazine. His photos are cobbled together in this rich colourful photo essay “Timbuktu Today”. 

Japanese artist Iori Tomita turns fish into Day Glo sea creatures. Some beautiful, psychedlic photos of glowing fish in Wired mag.

Superbus! The Dutch have developed a bus (is it me or does it look like a Batmobile that has been put on the rack?) that carries two dozen passengers and goes up to 155mph. Pretty sleek! It will be shown off at trade shows this May. [via]

Going in for the krill: Awesome video of a penguin’s eye view of life in Antarctica, using a camera attached to a penguin’s back. And more from Antarctica: great Q&A with Douglas Fox, explaining the story behind the story of his Antarctica features (with pitch letters too). [via]

Ever thought that the zebra’s black-and-white stripes look like a barcode? Now scientists and biologists have come up with a scanner, allowing them to identify animals from a single photo. 


Looks like a barcode to me! (Photo credit)

11 of the coolest train stations around the world (with shiny photos). From futuristic architecture and elaborate décor to wild and remote locations.

Tilt-shift ski resort! Jackson Hole, smaller than you’ve ever seen it before, in this great tilt-shift video set to Pink Floyd and Thomas Newman. [via

“I hate arriving in a new city after dark and Kathmandu was a good reminder as to why.” A narrative from Kathmandu on Johnny Vagabond

Top 10 things NOT to do in Dublin (and a few suggestions to replace them) from Matador Network.

I’m writing up this news roundup from Chiang Mai, Thailand where Thai New Year has just begun. Called Songkran, it is a holiday of merit-making at temples to welcome the new year…. and 7 days of smearing each other with clay and dousing each other with water. In venturing out for lunch today, I came home soaked. Below is a photo from my time in Bangkok during Songkran 2010 (photo taken by Gary of Everything Everywhere). I’ll be linking through to some of Songkran 2011 photos next week.

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