Photos from 30,000 feet above the earth

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

Part of what makes plane travel a wondrous thing is the views from the window when the skies are clear. I’m an aisle girl myself, but if the weather is good I’ll try and move to a free window seat to get a view from 30,000 feet.

Below I’ve posted some photos from my years of travel, as well as some from Nico at Ten Times One.

From my travels:

1) Leaving Buenos Aires at night, under a full moon.

2) Arriving in Amman, Jordan:

3) Descending into Quito, Ecuador:

4) Flying to Cape Town, South Africa:

From Nico, who took a series of great photos on a flight from India to San Francisco.

1) Anwar Inlet, Pakistan:

2) Arctic Ocean:

3) Ormara Raik, just above the Arabian coastline:

If you’re looking for more, this fantastic video of a flight taking off at night is surreal and beautiful, all at once, and Keith Jenkins from Velvetescape has a great “plane views” series, featuring photos from others with a bird’s eye view of the earth.

Do you have any photos from above? I’ve enabled photo replies in the comments, and we’d love you to share!

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