Photos of Polar Bears in Churchill Manitoba


This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads.
Fellow traveler Alex Berger recently traveled to Manitoba, Canada to see polar bears up close. When I caught a glimpse of his photos I asked to feature them here because we so rarely get to see these animals in the wild; there are few countries where we can visit them in their natural habitat.

Says Alex:

“I’ve wanted to see and spend time with wild polar bears for years. They are every bit as captivating up close and in the wild as I had dreamed. The entire trip felt like we had somehow been transported inside a National Geographic special or the taping of Planet Earth.”

You can see the rest of Alex’s photos here. For a well-written piece on Churchill and polar bear tourism, UpHere Mag’s  “Bear Town” is well worth your time.






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