Geeking out over the Qantas A380

As you know, we’re airplane geeks over here at Hipmunk—our very own Florence has been known to pick planes out of the sky and name their make, model, and airline in seconds flat. While collectively we been on hundreds of flights, only a couple of us here have had the privilege of flying on a wide-body, double-deck, four engine, Airbus A380. These planes aren’t for your average commuter or trip to upstate New York to visit your old college roommate. The airliner can fit from 400-853 people, depending on its unique configuration.

We just came across this interactive tour of a Qantas A380 with the inside scoop on the interior. We thought we’d share because we know that most of us (and most people we know) haven’t had the chance to fly on these.


Besides Qantas, other airlines that commercially fly the A380 include Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France, Lufthansa, and Korean Air.

Have you ever flown on an A380? Tell us where you went and what it was like!



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