Recap: Hipmunk at Google I/O

What a week we had during Google I/O! At Google’s annual flagship developer conference, Team Hipmunk was fortunate enough to be invited to the Developer Sandbox for two days of the conference. Sandbox is an area where companies that have built products using the technologies featured at I/O can demo their work to other attendees. Hipmunk was very excited to attend and be filmed for “I/O Live”, which streamed to nearly 3.5 million viewers across the world!

Day One: Android – App Optimized for Jelly Bean

Our team was thrilled to demo what we had been working on for months in close collaboration with Google – a tablet-optimized version of the Hipmunk Android app using Jelly Bean, the newest Android OS that Google announced during Day One’s keynote presentation. Watch a video demo of the app here.

And if you’re an Android user that doesn’t already have our app – download it here.

The calm before the storm.

Ryan, our Android developer, gets ready to be filmed for I/O Live

See Ryan’s segment in the video below! He starts at timestamp 08:49.

Day Two: Google Maps – Hipmunk Hotel Search

Hipmunk was also invited to demonstrate our use of Google Maps in our hotel search product. We make a map the centerpiece of hotel search on both desktop and mobile – making it easy for you to discover hotels in your exact location. Also, by turning on heatmaps, you can see the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of restaurants, landmarks, shopping and even vice.

Steve, our co-founder, gets ready for his turn on camera.

Watch Steve talk about how we use Google Maps in Hipmunk hotel search below. His segment starts at timestamp 07:54 in the video.
There was plenty of schwag, of course!

Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello at Google I/O! We hope to have even cooler products (and of course, swag) to show off next year.

– Julie

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