Renting a Country, Time Travel and More Travel News from the Wandering Hipmunk

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg. Her views and opinions are hers alone and do not represent Hipmunk. 

You already know you can find hotels and couches on AirBnB (whose listings you can find right along side hotels in Hipmunk’s hotel search), but what if you wanted to rent all of Liechtenstein? Or a town in Germany? Or a village in Austria? AirBnB to the rescue! You can now do all of the above (with some pretty awesome customization options), thanks to AirBnB’s new partnership with rent a Village by Xnet, a Liechtenstein-based event production and marketing company.


(Screenshot via AirBnB’s blog)

This jaw-dropping video shows a nonstop lightning storm turning the Wisconsin sky into an electric apolocalypse

This takes adventure sports to a whole new level: from National Geographic’s “Extreme Photo of the Week” series, kayaking the 120ft La Paz falls in Bolivia. (Not for the faint of heart!)

To all of those who like to borrow hotel towels indefinitely (they are pretty fluffy, I admit…): Linen Technology Tracking, a Miami-based company, has patented a washable RFID chip. The chip can be sewn into towels, robes and bed sheets, allowing hotels to keep track of their linens. The company says three hotels have started using the new product, but won’t name names.

A passionate ode to marinara sauce. “Marinara ‘gravy’ did more to integrate Italians into American society than Frank Sinatra or Joe DiMaggio.” And, says The Independent, it allowed for Italian cuisine to conquer the world.

As I mentioned in the last roundup, this week is Songkran (New Year) in Thailand. Lots of waterfights in the street and days ending by being covered head-to-toe in clay. But Bangkok took the festivities a step further breaking the world record for a watergun fight, with close to 3,500 (!) participants. 


Tuk-tuk + waterfight = epic. (Photo credit)

China bans films and TV shows featuring time travel, to ensure that none of the shows or films could rewrite history. In case you’re wondering, reincarnation and feudal superstitions? Also banned. 

If you’re like me and enjoy Moleskine notebooks for travelling (I have used them for years), then this line of bags crafted using the same sleek Moleskine look might just be up your alley!

Incredible profile of free climber Alex Honnold in Outside Magazine, already the undisputed master of one of the most dangerous sports around. 

Where do unclaimed bags end up? Alabama! Most airlines unsuccessful at reuniting passenger and parcel sell lost items to the Unclaimed Baggage Center, a warehouse-sized building housing a good chunk of the 850,000 bags that remain unclaimed per year. An extra incentive to print out a copy of your itinerary and stick it inside your bag, in case the luggage ticket gets torn off!

And finally, a roundup of the quirkiest airport codes out there. Flying from POO to SUX seems unlikely, but would sure make for an awesome air ticket.

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