Rocambolesc: Ice Cream of Champions in Costa Brava, Spain

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This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi of Legal Nomads.

Rocambolesc is not your ordinary ice cream. I’m not a sweets person – give me french fries for “dessert” any day – but I indulged in this wondrous dessert in Costa Brava Spain, and I enjoyed every bite.

Taking the concept of haute-gelatería to a new level, Rocambolesc is a Girona store opened by an owner of one of the best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca. It features several ice cream choices, a slew of amazing topics and inventive options like cotton candy, below. (All are photos from my recent visit.)

For those like me with celiac disease, the chocolate brownies are completely gluten-free. Choice of sauce follows the toppings, and then you get to dig in and eat. For a more adventurous option, just ask behind the counter for their favorite combinations.

Closest airport is GRO (Girona), or you can fly into Barcelona and take a train from there to downtown Girona. The town has much more than ice cream to explore!


Jodi Ettenberg Rocambolsec

Jodi Ettenberg Rocambolsec

Jodi Ettenberg Rocambolsec

Where to find it:
Rocambolesc Ice Cream Shop
Santa Clara, 50
17001, Girona
Catalonia, Spain
Phone (+34) 972 416 667

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