It’s your lucky leap year! With an extra day during February that means you get an extra day to Share the Love, and an extra chance to win a $500 Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection Get A Room! giftcard. 

Since we kicked off this contest on Valentine’s Day, we’ve seen a lot people giving the gift of hipmunk and some adorable love notes exchanged, as well. Check them out:

From: Kelly

To: JT

Can’t wait for our trip! I love you <3 <3

From: Marina

To: Sasha and Cholponai

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dearest friends, Sasha and Cholponai :)

Me and my fave travel website, the Hipmunk, are sending you lots of love and wishes of happy travels. :)))

P.S. I generally don’t observe St. Val’s day, but couldn’t resist sending something so cute your way :) 

From: Kai

To: R

I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! This little guy is gonna help us get to the sunshine as cheap as possible! Yaaay!

From: Rillion

To: Randy

It’s a contest, yes, but I like having the chance to recruit a chipmunk to tell you I love you.

To share the love, head to our homepage and click on the hipmunk’s sign. He’ll be your guide and will shoot a a note to your friend via email. Be sure to log-in or create an account for your chance to win. Tomorrow, March 1, we’ll randomly select one winner and post their name right here on the blog.