Share the Love and Win!

It’s your lucky leap year! With an extra day during February that means you get an extra day to Share the Love, and an extra chance to win a $500 Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection Get A Room! giftcard. 

Since we kicked off this contest on Valentine’s Day, we’ve seen a lot people giving the gift of hipmunk and some adorable love notes exchanged, as well. Check them out:

From: Kelly

To: JT

Can’t wait for our trip! I love you <3 <3

From: Marina

To: Sasha and Cholponai

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dearest friends, Sasha and Cholponai :)

Me and my fave travel website, the Hipmunk, are sending you lots of love and wishes of happy travels. :)))

P.S. I generally don’t observe St. Val’s day, but couldn’t resist sending something so cute your way :) 

From: Kai

To: R

I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! This little guy is gonna help us get to the sunshine as cheap as possible! Yaaay!

From: Rillion

To: Randy

It’s a contest, yes, but I like having the chance to recruit a chipmunk to tell you I love you.

To share the love, head to our homepage and click on the hipmunk’s sign. He’ll be your guide and will shoot a a note to your friend via email. Be sure to log-in or create an account for your chance to win. Tomorrow, March 1, we’ll randomly select one winner and post their name right here on the blog.

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