Where to get your street eats in SF, PDX, NY and more


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It’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with street food. In Asia, my travels are centered around what to eat and where; I’ve been known to drag people to a separate city just to try a soup or to a whole new country to sample its version of spicy papaya salads. There’s just no shortage of incredible and affordable foods on offer, and I’m happy to see the trend toward street carts taking off here in North America.  

Dry yellow curried chicken and rice from Portland:

Unfortunately my hometown of Montreal has yet to jump on the bandwagon, but the following cities have some great food cart options, and thanks to technology we all have a way of finding out where they are with ease.


– Serious Eats has a running thread on the street food carts that are on Twitter, organized by state. Though the original article is from 2009, vendors have been adding their Twitter handles through August 2011, and the thread seems in no danger of trailing off.

Roaming Hunger has a terrific maps/ reviews database that lists the carts by city, including Seattle, LA, New York, Austin Philly and more. They also allow you to search on the map and book vendors for your own event if that lunchtime taco just wasn’t enough to satisfy. 

FoodTrux has a street food cart map on their site and an app downloadable for iPhone and Android, each of which helps you locate your street eats by city.

San Francisco: Street Cart Project’s Food Finder lists the available street carts and their associated tweets, as well as a maps mashup with the cart’s location. 

New York: New York Magazine rounds up the best food carts in the city, along with cute drawings of each truck to accompany the review and info. New York Street Food also has a listing of street carts in the city, as well as links to their app for other destinations.

Portland: Food Carts Portland is your one-stop listing of available eats, with a handy Google Maps mashup showing where you can get them. Portland Neighborhood also has a list of carts and locations for the city.

Washington, DC: Food Truck Fiesta has a listing of food carts, upcoming additions to he neighborhood and provides a real-time automated food truck tracker, along with commentary.

Vancouver, Canada: Up north, Vancouver Street Eats reviews the city’s carts on offer, along with photos and maps for each.

Hipmunks: what have I missed? Have a favorite street cart you just can’t stop talking about? Leave it in the comments!

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