New: Find Flights that Have Wi-Fi!

At Hipmunk, we’re travel nerds, but we’re also nerd nerds. That means we like the Internet, especially on our flights. We’ve heard that many of you like wi-fi on your planes, too—either when you’re traveling for work or when you… Continue Reading →

New: Hipmunk iPad App!

A few months ago we released an iPhone app to make it easier to find flights while you’re on the go. People loved it, but they kept requesting an iPad version too. When we asked why, the conversation usually went like… Continue Reading →

Hipmunk Hotels

Today’s a big day for Hipmunk: we’re now searching hotels. We’ve designed our hotel search around one basic premise: to find you a good deal in a good location. Hipmunk helps you find the interesting parts of a city and… Continue Reading →

Hipmunk Launches

We’re excited to announce Hipmunk launches today. We’re a website that makes finding the right flight faster and easier than anywhere else. For example, we: Allow you to visualize how your flights compare in time and duration Instantly sort results… Continue Reading →

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