5 Reasons for Art Lovers to Visit Scottsdale, AZ

Touted as “The West’s Most Western Town,” people might know Scottsdale as a steamy desert city located…somewhere in Arizona. But Scottsdale is also home to more than 125 professional art galleries and studios, one of the highest concentrations of galleries per-capita… Continue Reading →

Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona: The National Monument You’ve Never Heard Of

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads Though I’ve been travelling around the world for the last 4 years, I am the first to admit that I’ve seen only one small part of what my country’s national parks… Continue Reading →

We love getting photos from fans who’ve taken our chipmunk on vacation. Most recently, the hipmunk visited the Grand Canyon thanks to Joey Egan! Follow him on twitter – @JoeyEgan. And if you need a flight to Arizona, you know where… Continue Reading →

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