Recently returned from a memorable week in Cairo. We were invited by the US State Department to speak at a conference for Egyptian Tech Entrepreneurs. It was a Y Combinator-inspired bootcamp for founders, all of whom were quite excited about the prospects of helping reboot their country through startups.

Of course, a trip to Cairo wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the Pyramids. Tourism is still recovering in the country, so now really is a fabulous time to visit and not have to wait in lines (that said, we did also have to stay in one night because of clashes at Tahrir Square).

As with any trip abroad, be mindful of local culture (a little “shukran” goes a long way) and don’t draw attention to yourself. Why not visit this storied land for a chance to see a country begin to chart a new course for itself.

Cairo is a bustling city, so treat yourself to a calming Egyptian night out: grab a seat at a cafe, a cup of Turkish coffee, and order a shisha. Or if you’d prefer a nightcap, alcohol isn’t commonplace, but it is available.