Hipmunk News: Discover New Flight Deals From Your City

Start booking those trips for 2013 and save money while you’re at it with Hipmunk’s new Flight Deals! Try Flight Deals here. Hipmunk Flight Deals are an easy way to find the lowest airfare online from your major U.S. city to other… Continue Reading →

New: Find flights and hotels that fit into your schedule

The Internet has made thousands of things easier—everything from searching for travel to keeping your calendar. However, no site has made it easy to do both at the same time. Today, we’ve just made this process much simpler.  If you’re… Continue Reading →

New: Find Flights that Have Wi-Fi!

At Hipmunk, we’re travel nerds, but we’re also nerd nerds. That means we like the Internet, especially on our flights. We’ve heard that many of you like wi-fi on your planes, too—either when you’re traveling for work or when you… Continue Reading →

The Tab Bar (Hipmunk Power User Series, Part 2)

Unless you know exactly where and when you’re traveling, you probably do several searches before you book your flight. We know, since we do too. Other flight search sites make this hard. You either have to change your search—and lose… Continue Reading →

New: Multi-City Searching, Autocomplete, and Glanceable Times

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and are happy to announce three much-requested features. Multi-City Searching If you’re going multiple places on your next trip, Hipmunk can help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve added a multi-city feature to… Continue Reading →

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