Home for Holidays, But Which One?

By: Hipmunk Staff Want to go home for the holidays but can’t decide whether to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas? If you’re like most travelers, price likely has a big impact on when you travel home for the holidays. So we compared… Continue Reading →

How Much Does A Disney Vacation Really Cost?

By: Kelly Soderlund, Hipmunk Staff Maybe it’s our penchant for animated furry mascots, but we Hipmunkers love us some Disney theme parks. As Disneyland continues to make headlines this summer with its 60th anniversary celebration and the announcement of a… Continue Reading →

Travel SmackDown: Soccer vs Football

By: Hipmunk Staff Soccer, football, futbol. Whatever you call it, the sport has been garnering a lot more attention stateside this year, bolstered by a strong U.S. Men’s team showing and another U.S. Women’s team win (their third) at their respective… Continue Reading →

5 Shark Diving Locations That Won’t Cost an Arm and Leg

By: Hipmunk Staff It’s no secret that sharks fascinate Americans. If the immense popularity of SyFy’s cult-status Sharknado franchise isn’t enough to convince you (the third installment of the sci-fi action comedy premieres July 22), then perhaps this will: This year marks… Continue Reading →

Airlines Are Flocking To South America – Here’s How To Take Advantage

South America’s charms are more accessible than ever, even on a tight budget. Airline carriers in the U.S. and hubs in Brazil and Peru are racing to add flights and amenities, meaning more options and lower prices. Follow these tips… Continue Reading →

My Fellow Patriots: Book Cheap Flights for July 4th by May 18!

BOOK JULY 4TH AIRFARE IN MID-MAY TO AVOID PRICE HIKES Hipmunk Reveals Early Booking Savings and Top Deal Destinations Nearly 240 years ago, on July 4th, the United States solidified its independence as a nation; today, millions of Americans take… Continue Reading →

A Data Nerd’s Guide to Traveling to Europe this Summer

The dollar to euro conversion rate is better than it’s been in a long time. A year ago, it cost an American traveler $1.38 to buy one euro worth of stuff. Now, since the exchange rate has dropped to around… Continue Reading →

2nd Annual Hipmunk Millennial Travel Habits Study [Data Chart]

In 2014, Hipmunk launched its annual Millennial Travel Habits Study to uncover how millennials travel differently than their generation X and mature traveler counterparts. What we found was enlightening, informative and oftentimes humorous. Did you ever expect a millennial to… Continue Reading →

Why Baltimore is “The Greatest City in America”

By Alouise Dittrick               Image by Sabreguy29 via Flickr Baltimore, Maryland, is a mid-Atlantic city in the United States located 40 miles northeast of Washington D.C. The city has many nicknames, including Charm City,… Continue Reading →

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