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Let us know why you deserve free @GoGoInflight wifi (tell us in the comments!)

The hipmunk is standing by to see your best arguments; we want to take our smile-production beyond flight and hotel search (oh, and even airports like PDX!). Our 10 favorite comments on this entry as of Thursday 10am Eastern will… Continue Reading →

So you want a free ticket? Here’s how to win $500 in @flyfrontier Fly Bucks

We’re celebrating our partnership with Frontier Airlines by making one lucky hipmunk $500 Fly Bucks richer. You’ve got 24 hours to tweet the following (and we’ll pick our favorite). The @flyfrontier destination I want to visit most is [fill in… Continue Reading →

List of Free Museum Days Across the United States

MuseumFreeDays.com is a pretty rad website — with an iPhone app! I’m a bit of a museum junkie, so discovering this recently just makes me wish I’d had it for my last decade of traveling. So it goes. I’ve highlighted… Continue Reading →

Free Things to Do in Paris (via @CameronCRussell)

Writer Taras Grescoe discovers “the art of being authentically Parisian—the art, that is, of tasting, touching, buying, and eating with an extra touch of finesse” in the March 2008 issue of National Geographic Traveler. And even though traipsing around pricey… Continue Reading →

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