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Overhead Compartment Cat is Watching You Secretly Read Your Kindle During Takeoff

We love our pets. Shaun did a tremendous amount of research for our definitive pet travel guide and pet travel safety infographic. During it, he found this interesting story: On December 28, 2006 passenger checked a cat in a kennel… Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Americans and Europeans

Our biz dev extraordinaire, Joe Gambescia, attended a conference where he heard Timothy O’Neil-Dunne say something so on the mark that we couldn’t help but immortalize it in pixels. When it comes to travel – especially vacations – Americans make decisions… Continue Reading →

Shiny! See (in color) how the Statue of Liberty originally looked

I’m in love with the Statue of Liberty – the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas. A gift from France, built in 1886, she’s the symbol of a city I love and has a beautiful green patina. But remember, her copper skin… Continue Reading →

Hey, @RichardBranson, we fixed that for you :)

A couple days ago, Florence noticed the fabulous photo from the announcement of the renaming of Virgin Blue to Virgin Australia. We dropped @RichardBranson a tweet, complimenting on the great pose they all chose. Then Shaun went a little bit further…. Continue Reading →

Repurposing the now-defunct Terror Alert Level [pics]

Like many Americans, we were never too sure how to act during the different color-coded threat levels of the Homeland Security Advisory System now being phased out by April 27th. They’ve become such a common sight at airports, though, that… Continue Reading →

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