Best rooftop bars around the world

Summer is the perfect time to sip cocktails alfresco, and what better place to enjoy the lazy days than on a rooftop with the gold-dipped skyline spreading out before you? Check out some of the best places around the world… Continue Reading →

Hacking Your Ride on the German Train System

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains are fast, clean, and efficient, but first time users may find the booking system difficult and confusing. Use this guide to investigate the best deals German trains and make booking a breeze, whether it’s buying… Continue Reading →

An edible cookbook? Why not!

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads A creative project from German design firm Korefe takes a cookbook and makes it different… and edible. Made from fresh pasta that can actually be baked into a dish of lasagna,… Continue Reading →

Custom-made Chocolate in Berlin

Like chocolate? Great! Keep reading. The Ritter-Sport store in Berlin, Germany is a chocolate-lover’s dream. It’s something like what might happen if a chocolate shop merged with an Apple store. Sure, you can buy chocolates here, but this particular store let’s… Continue Reading →

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