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Hipmunk Goes to Google I/O 2015

Hipmunk software engineers Neha Sharma (L) and Sofiya Taskova (R). By: Hipmunk Staff For nerds like us, the annual Google I/O is the perfect opportunity to geek out on all the latest innovations and upcoming products Google has up its proverbial… Continue Reading →

“Just wanted to drop by and say that Hipmunk has literally changed my life.”

When we get an email like this, it puts a fire in our bellies. We want hipmunk to make travel search fun, but when we see how a superior user experience can actually improve someone’s life, it reminds us of… Continue Reading →

7 Continents in 5 Weeks – How Pete Hottelet used hipmunk to make this epic trip happen

This is a guest post from Pete Hottelet, who we think is probably a superhero, and runs Omni Consumer Products Corporation (maker of Tru Blood, Stay Puft Marshmallows, Sex Panther, and BRAWNDO!) when he’s not traveling the globe. Oh, and he helped give… Continue Reading →

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