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Hipmunk Goes to Google I/O 2015

Hipmunk software engineers Neha Sharma (L) and Sofiya Taskova (R). By: Hipmunk Staff For nerds like us, the annual Google I/O is the perfect opportunity to geek out on all the latest innovations and upcoming products Google has up its proverbial sleeve. We convinced two of our software engineers, Neha Sharma and Sofiya Taskova, to take…

“Just wanted to drop by and say that Hipmunk has literally changed my life.”

When we get an email like this, it puts a fire in our bellies. We want hipmunk to make travel search fun, but when we see how a superior user experience can actually improve someone’s life, it reminds us of an entirely different perspective. Thank you, Chad. And thank you for letting us publish your…

7 Continents in 5 Weeks – How Pete Hottelet used hipmunk to make this epic trip happen

This is a guest post from Pete Hottelet, who we think is probably a superhero, and runs Omni Consumer Products Corporation (maker of Tru Blood, Stay Puft Marshmallows, Sex Panther, and BRAWNDO!) when he’s not traveling the globe. Oh, and he helped give Detroit a Robocop statue. These are his words alone - once we learned of all…

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