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New: Narrow down hotels by geography or chain

Last week we made your hotel search faster. This week we’ve made it even easier to narrow down hotels to just the ones you want. Firstly, you’ll see a button at the top of hotel search results like this: Click that… Continue Reading →

New: Hotel speedups, heatmap improvements, and better location searching

It was only a few months ago that we added our awesome hotel searching feature. Today we’ve made it even better. First: speed! When you run a hotel search, it’s now faster—and we show you a progress bar with a… Continue Reading →

New: See first and business class legs at a glance

If you’re a high-roller, you know there can be a big difference between first and business class. But sometimes, when you search for either first or business on Hipmunk, we also show you results for the other one so you… Continue Reading →

By popular request after yesterday’s post. Ladies, which hipmunk are you when you fly? Just remember to pack accordingly so you can make it through TSA faster regardless of your flyer style. (via hipmunk on facebook)

New: Improved Calendars, Pre-Populated Forms

Your wishes in action: more usability improvements. Improved Calendars It’s now easier to tell which date you’re selecting on the calendar—the date you hover over is color-coded to match either the “depart” or “return” field. For those times when you’re… Continue Reading →

New: Hoverable Sliders, Fixed Time Legend

Time for another round of usability improvements. Hoverable Sliders One of our most powerful features is our graphical sliders. But we’ve heard that many people don’t realize these sliders exist. Now, when you hover over a slider—or even near it—you’ll get… Continue Reading →

New: Multi-City Searching, Autocomplete, and Glanceable Times

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and are happy to announce three much-requested features. Multi-City Searching If you’re going multiple places on your next trip, Hipmunk can help you find what you’re looking for. We’ve added a multi-city feature to… Continue Reading →

The Sliders (Hipmunk Power User Series, Part 1)

The “i” in the Hipmunk logo is capped with a triangle for a reason. Black triangles are the way to interact with one of Hipmunk’s coolest features: restricting the departure and arrival times of flights. On the results page, you’ll… Continue Reading →

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