4 Must-See Waterfalls For Your Portland Trip

Photo: Michael Matti We know, traveling doesn’t always leave a lot of time for sightseeing. If you’re headed to Portland, you’ve probably got delicious food to eat, maybe a few local craft beers to try, and a ton of places… Continue Reading →

Agony Free Fare Alerts

Feeling stoked about your next trip but not so much about the price? Have no fear! Hipmunk has the tools to find you a price as hot as your summer! Get notified as soon as flight prices change by using… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Be Eating Sushi In Strip Malls

  For #internationalsushiday there will be many listicles out there about the Top X best sushi places in the country. Snore. The real story is how to find great sushi (fresh, sustainable, elegant) without paying $40 a roll. The trick? Search the… Continue Reading →

7 Best Photos of Sunsets from Around the World

Everyday, we share travel photos from all around the world on Hipmunk’s Instagram page. Photos from our jet-setting staff are tagged #hipmunkabroad. Follow @thehipmunk on Instagram and tag your own travel adventures with #hipmunk.  You could see yourself featured on our pages. We’re… Continue Reading →

Dolla Dolla Bills: How to Change the Currency on Hipmunk’s Flight and Hotel Results

The Hipmunk has made friends all over the world as an international jet setter. So if you don’t use US Dollars, don’t fret, he has got you covered! Hipmunk has the tools to customize all of your travel search needs…. Continue Reading →

A Perfect Day in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn is so much more than just another suburb in New York City. Today, the Borough of Homes and Churches feels more like a city in its own right, known for the distinct diversity of its neighborhoods, for its cultural… Continue Reading →

Hipmunk LOVES Women Who Code

Since 2011, Hipmunk has supported the Women Who Code organization and  this May, we welcomed a growing number of female developers to our SF office. During the evening our VP of Engineering, CTO, and several engineers divulged interview insights with… Continue Reading →

Travel Smackdown Vol. 2: iPhone vs. Android

Do Android users relax more than iPhone Users? Are iPhone enthusiasts prone to planning while Androidists take the laissez-faire attitude to their vacations? Given that we use our phones to order food, find a dog walker and even monitor the… Continue Reading →

Top 5 US Craft Beer Destinations

Since yesterday was #NationalBeerDay, that got us thinking. How can we book a better beercation? According to Conde Nast Travel writer Amy Plitt, there are a handful of American cities that are killing the craft beer game. Lucky for travelers,… Continue Reading →

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