See 1K Years of Irish History in a 5-Day Road Trip (Legendary Pubs Included)

There are as many reasons to see Ireland as there are people who travel to the Emerald Isle. History, geology, pub culture, folklore, and breathtaking views are all par for the course for travelers to the island. If you have… Continue Reading →

History of the Hotel: How the Modern Day Hotel Came to Be

For as long as we’ve had civilization we’ve had hotels, though the earliest iterations of the hotel were a little different than they are today. In early biblical times, wandering travelers often took up lodging in the homes of local… Continue Reading →

Mile-High Cocktails: The History of Drinking on Planes (and How to Get the Best Deals)

After the plane reaches cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign switches off, many of us sigh with relief upon seeing the beverage cart move through the aisle. The lucky business class connoisseurs usually get unlimited, free alcohol, while those in… Continue Reading →

The 5 Best 4th of July Monuments for Patriotic Visits

If you plan to stay home and have yet another cookout to celebrate America’s 239th birthday, scratch that. Get in touch with the nation’s roots by visiting one of these five patriotic monuments for a fun, learning experience outdoors. These spots… Continue Reading →

5 Cities That Bring Colonial Cuba To Life

We’re used to seeing images that portray Cuba as a time capsule, where colorful, 1950s-era American cars still rule the streets. But our long-isolated Caribbean neighbor’s knack for preserving the past doesn’t stop there. So we’ve rounded up 5 cities… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Relive American History in Newport, RI

With more than 300 pre-Revolutionary War buildings still standing, Newport offers a glimpse into the early days of American history. We’ve put together 4 unforgettable outings that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the past.     Explore Colonial… Continue Reading →

Why Baltimore is “The Greatest City in America”

By Alouise Dittrick               Image by Sabreguy29 via Flickr Baltimore, Maryland, is a mid-Atlantic city in the United States located 40 miles northeast of Washington D.C. The city has many nicknames, including Charm City,… Continue Reading →

The History of the Whole World in One Chart

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads. Not a typo. Chart below, but full version — and explanation — is here. Incredible stuff.  

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