5 Things You Didn’t Know About the D-Day Invasion at Normandy (and why you should visit)

The American cemetery at Normandy. We celebrated Memorial Day yesterday here in the United States, which honors all the men & women who died serving the U.S. Armed Forces. My Boy Scout troop (874 representing) planted flags one year at… Continue Reading →

5 Cool Planes, and How You Can Fly in Them

Airlines are competing aggressively for business-class and first-class customers, and are introducing insanely expensive amenities to get their business. Below, 5 particularly cool airplanes and where they fly: Singapore Airlines A380 Suites: A Double Bed Singapore was the first airline… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons You’re Doing it Wrong When Your Flight is Cancelled

You’re doing it wrong when your flight is cancelled: you’re following directions and wait in the nearest customer service line. There are three tricks that are usually far more effective: calling the airline directly, going to the gate of the… Continue Reading →

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