You Hipmunks are adventurous sleepers!

  This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads On Tuesday, I asked you “where’s the craziest place you’ve slept while traveling?” The responses have been terrific. From Mary: During a vaccination and health promotion campaign in the… Continue Reading →

6 Great Travel Reads That Inspire Wanderlust

  This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg.  Reading is one of the pleasures of travel, be it during the journey to get somewhere or as a lazy afternoon treat on a beach or in a new city’s cafe. Here… Continue Reading →

Awesome Animals of the World and Where to See Them

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg. Her views and opinions are hers alone and do not represent Hipmunk.  1. Land Iguana.  Endemic to the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin described these yellow and orange reptiles as “ugly animals . .  from their… Continue Reading →

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