If you’ve never had a stroopwafel, you haven’t lived. We recently demonstrated the calming magic of Dutch “rush hour”, but since I was only in AMS for a short layover on the way to Cairo, these tasty treats would have to suffice.

They were originally made using leftovers, like breadcrumbs, from a bakery in Gouda. Today there are websites for fans coping with their addiction, as well as videos by devotees showing how to properly eat them.

If you find yourself in the Netherlands, do yourself a favor and try a fresh stroopwafel for us. The hipmunk shan’t lead you astray.

“Rush hour” in Utrecht, Netherlands. We know there are loads of cyclists in the Netherlands — you can’t visit without running into them, sometimes literally (this random website of “top 10 lists” claims the country has the highest bicycles per capita in the world).

It’s a little different from the kind of rush hour most of us in the US know all too well. But that’s what happens when your country has more bikes than people. Why not fly over, grab an Airbnb rental, and take a gander at the LonelyPlanet guide to biking around the Netherlands. After you’ve worked up an appetite, try some proper gouda cheese (not pronounced like you think).

[Video by markenlei]