The Most Expensive Place to Travel to See a Game in the NFL: Part II, The AFC

If you’re a football fan living in New England, times are good. For 11 of the past 12 seasons, the Patriots have dominated the AFC Eastern division and vied as a contender in the playoffs. Fresh off of last year’s Super… Continue Reading →

The Most Expensive Place to Travel to See a Game in the NFL: Part I, The NFC

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By: Hipmunk Staff Each NFL team only plays 16 games per year, half on the road. That means there are only eight chances to root for your team on your home turf. Surely, you’d need more money than common sense… Continue Reading →

Which NFL Stadiums Have the Best Food?

Going to a football game is about more than just watching the game and cheering for a favorite team. It’s about joining a community, enjoying time with friends and family, and spending time outside on crisp autumn days. It’s also… Continue Reading →

6 Football Stadiums That Beat Watching the Game From the Couch

Fans across the U.S. are rejoicing as football season finally gets underway (or, more accurately, they’re yelling at their TV screens and drinking a lot of beer). While many fans opt for the comfort of couch viewership, they don’t know… Continue Reading →

4 Places To Go If There’s No NFL Season

NFL fans around the USA are hoping the lockout will end before too long, but we at hipmunk are preparing for the worst so that we can minimize the agony of what could be a very boring fall without football…. Continue Reading →

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