The Visitor’s Guide to Portland’s MAX Rail System

When talking about exploring new cities, it’s common to focus on walking and biking tours. But by mastering public transit, it’s often possible to see a wider range of the city — and that’s definitely the case in Portland, Oregon…. Continue Reading →

Press SPACEBAR to Continue on the Modern-Day Oregon Trail

Are you a proud 90s child? Do you occasionally sport a t-shirt that reads “You have died of dysentery”? Kindred spirits, it’s time to head West to check out what’s going on in some of the territories that defined the… Continue Reading →

7 Must-See Locales in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon has a reputation for being unique, hip and a little bit weird. There’s enough to see for an exciting day trip or week-long vacation, but no trip is complete without experiencing at least one of these seven must-see places… Continue Reading →

Instagramming Portland, Oregon

This is a Hipmunk post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads. Photos from a recent (short!) trip to Portland Oregon, all taken with iPhone 5. -Jodi      

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