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Because, Root Beer is Awesome: Here’s Where you Should Go to Get it

Root beer floats may seem like icons of the past, but this delicious flavor combination is making a comeback at quirky and fun establishments around the world. Where will you be sampling the famous ice cream and root beer combo?… Continue Reading →

Traveling With Pets: Making Your Pet’s Hotel Stay Purrfect

When it comes to traveling with pets on vacation, a little research can go a long way. It can be easier than one might expect to bring furry friends along on your trip and keep them happy and comfortable. Before Arrival… Continue Reading →

How To Be A Respectful Tourist Anywhere In The World

One might think carving your name on the Colosseum or posting graffiti in America’s national parks might be inappropriate vacation activities, but these are real things that real tourists have done—and they’re hardly the end of the list of egregious decisions tourists… Continue Reading →

Got Questions? Here’s What to Ask to Get More Out of Your Hotel Stay

The quality of a hotel stay can make or break a vacation, and sometimes you have questions that need answers. Although it’s sometimes uncomfortable to ask for help, most hotels are equipped with an array of people there to ensure… Continue Reading →

6 Steps to Avoid Bedbugs as Vacation Souvenirs

Bedbugs have been snacking on humans for centuries, but had become very rare in the U.S. by the time Mrs. Cleaver started vacuuming in pearls. Because of the widespread use of pesticides like DDT as well as the vacuums wielded… Continue Reading →

How To Ship Your Golf Clubs Like The Pros

The world’s best golf destinations offer beautiful views and storied courses, but a little familiarity can go a long way on the greens. Smart travelers who bring their own sets of clubs along for the ride can make sure they… Continue Reading →

Airlines Are Flocking To South America – Here’s How To Take Advantage

South America’s charms are more accessible than ever, even on a tight budget. Airline carriers in the U.S. and hubs in Brazil and Peru are racing to add flights and amenities, meaning more options and lower prices. Follow these tips… Continue Reading →

Spend Less Time Standing In Line With These 4 Airport Security Tips

It’s a familiar scene: Two lovers cling to each other in a tearful embrace, exchange one last hand-squeeze before one of them picks up a bag and walks… two feet to the airport security line, where they proceed to stand idly… Continue Reading →

#HipHacks Find Cheap Flights with ITA Routing Language

By:  Hipmunk Staff Raise your hand if you like the travel booking process. If your fingers aren’t reaching to the sky because you associate the planning process with wrangling pop-ups and price gouging, you’re not alone. Hipmunk allows you to tailor your… Continue Reading →

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