American Airlines Plans to Launch “No Frills” Fares

If you’re planning a trip in the coming year, listen up: The world’s largest airline plans to roll out cheaper, “no frills” fares in 2016. The move comes as American Airlines is seeking ways to compete with today’s low-cost carriers, reports Travel… Continue Reading →

How Not to Get Strangled on Your Next Airplane Flight

Airplanes can already be uncomfortable, but having an unruly passenger on board can take the experience from unpleasant to dangerous. On October 18th, for example, Aer Lingus Flight 485 from Lisbon to Dublin was diverted to Cork when a passenger… Continue Reading →

The Best Farm Stay Destinations in the World

Agricultural tourism is booming. Otherwise known as “agritourism,” the principle is pretty simple: A working farm, ranch, or winery opens its doors (or fences) to travelers looking to reconnect to the land, learn about rural ways of life, and surround… Continue Reading →

An Art Lover’s Road Trip Through The Hudson River Valley

Running along the eastern edge of New York State, from Albany south to Yonkers, the Hudson River Valley boasts tons of natural beauty. For art lovers in the tri-state area, the Hudson River Valley also features great works of art,… Continue Reading →

What Happens When a Former Facebooker Transforms the Hotel Experience

Facebook’s sixth hire, Ezra Callahan, has moved on from the world of social media and is focusing on a decidedly different kind of startup: an innovative hotel in Palm Springs, CA. After leaving Facebook in 2010, Callahan has since developed… Continue Reading →

How to Plan the Ultimate Hot Springs Getaway

If a stereotypical summer vacation entails relaxing by a pool, then a hot springs vacation could be considered a getaway on steroids. Between the soothing remedy of water and amazing rock formations, what more could a vacationer ask for? There… Continue Reading →

Enjoy Virtual Reality Experiences in Your Room at These Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels is taking the concept of “travel” to a whole new level. Thanks to their new virtual reality room service, physically checking into a new locale is only one way to take a trip. In the new version of… Continue Reading →

Navigating Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Ever a city of cultural convergence and commerce, modern Istanbul’s 11 to 12 million annual international visitors can find themselves beckoned into shops and restaurants in their native tongues. There are a great many things to see in Turkey, but… Continue Reading →

The Weirdest Eco-Friendly Hotel Initiatives Around

As awareness of climate change has spread, more and more hotels have begun adopting initiatives to minimize their eco-footprints. Some hotels have even made environmentalism their core selling point, like these four amazing eco-friendly hotels. Other initiatives are more subtle—think asking… Continue Reading →

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