5 Drone Worthy Trips for a Spectacular Aerial View

Commercially available drones are opening up a new world of travel pictures and videos on social media. Spectacular views that would otherwise require a plane or helicopter ride can be achieved by travelers with just a few pieces of gear…. Continue Reading →

6 Intensely Thrilling Haunted Houses

Aside from candy corn, Jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, and ghosts, there’s nothing that screams Halloween more than a haunted house. During the month of October, thousands of small-scale haunted houses crop up around the States, many at local festivals, churches, or… Continue Reading →

The Travel Destinations Earning the Most Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest recently released a list of the most pinned locations across the globe, and people across the land (or, er, the website) are drooling. Turn vision board dreams into a reality by visiting any of the destinations on the list. Here… Continue Reading →

Which NFL Stadiums Have the Best Food?

Going to a football game is about more than just watching the game and cheering for a favorite team. It’s about joining a community, enjoying time with friends and family, and spending time outside on crisp autumn days. It’s also… Continue Reading →

Texas Just Declared Its First World Heritage Site

This past weekend, the five historic missions in San Antonio received official designation as a World Heritage Site. Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the culmination of a nine-year effort to secure the missions with this elite status, reported San Antonio… Continue Reading →

Read This Post and Take Better Photos

When you put in the time, effort, and money to travel somewhere, it’s only natural to want to take better photos and document the experience in order to relive it down the road (and—let’s be honest—it’s fun to show off… Continue Reading →

Why Hollywood Hearts Morocco

Film buffs wanting to immerse themselves in the sets and landscapes of their favorite films will face a welcome dilemma in Morocco: where to head to first! The North African country has played host to some of Hollywood’s most iconic… Continue Reading →

Why Travelers Should Be Nutty for National Nut Day

National Nut Day, which falls on October 22, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the humble nut. They’re healthy, protein-packed, and portable, making them the perfect snack for traveling. They can also help weight loss, reduce appetite, lower bad cholesterol,… Continue Reading →

Locals Spill the Inside Scoop on Europe’s Coolest Hangouts

No matter where you live, the version of a city seen from a tour bus bears little resemblance to the experience of actually living there. Nowhere is that more true than history-rich Europe. You might see everything in London (The… Continue Reading →

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