The Art of the Cherry Blossom in Japan


Matthew Long is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of the Land Lopers travel blog. He’s also a photographer and is not your average travel blogger.

Only in Japan would there be a specific term for viewing cherry blossoms – Hanami.
From March until early May, cherry blossoms decorate the Japanese landscape in a dazzling display of delicate pink beauty.

I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo during the height of the event, which seemed to completely preoccupy the city. As a longtime resident of Washington, DC I’m used to the cherry blossom craze, but nothing prepared me for the saturation of the trees throughout Tokyo and the nearby countryside.

In all seriousness, my mouth was agape at the beauty as we passed by the flowering trees and I instantly understood the necessity of a special term for the occasion.

My first Hanami will hopefully not be my last, my obsession evident from these photos of the event.

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