The beautiful architecture of Orvieto’s cathedral

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Unexpectedly, I ended up in Orvieto, Italy. It was a very last minute change of plans, but I was thrilled to be hosted by friends Linda and Steve, who run a guesthouse in Rome but live in this tiny town in the Umbrian countryside. 

What stood out after a wander through the town was the gothic-style cathedral, which was commissioned in 1263 and only completed in 1591. The frescoes inside the cathedral were incredibly detailed, designed and painted by Luca Signorelli and his school of artists. While no photography was allowed in the cathedral, I’d recommend going inside to explore – it’s beautiful.

The Gothic façade is what really resonated with me – striped columns of marble and huge reliefs carved into stone and colourful mosaics to complement the scenes.  While the rest of the cathedral was wonderful in its own right, the stripes gave the structure a whole other look, different from many of the others I’ve seen.

As you can see, it was a beautiful sight from any angle:

Mosaics and facades in the gothic style.

Spires of the Orvieto cathedral against a blue sky.

Mosaic in detail, from the front of the cathedral.

Gargoyle, facade and cottonball clouds.

Black and white marble and a restful afternoon.

Plenty of other great sights in Orvieto, but you can’t visit the town without stopping to take in the majesty of this cathedral.


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