The best claypot catfish in Saigon

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After almost five months in Ho Chi Minh City (still affectionately known as Saigon to many of its inhabitants), I’d be remiss not to mention one of the best dishes I ate, a beautifully balanced and just-enough-spice claypot catfish from a tiny restaurant called Dong Hoa Xuan, in Binh Tanh district.


Claypot catfish by Jodi Ettenberg
Claypot catfish, by Jodi Ettenberg

The place has a fabulous “point to order” system of merely drooling over the food and selecting what you’d like to eat. Everything there — especially their BBQ pork ribs — is worth trying. But do not — seriously DO NOT — skip the catfish (Cá Kho Tộ). Sweet and spicy, with fried pork fat topping the dish as it simmers away, it is served with rice and best enjoyed when piping hot. It’s also in a less touristed part of the city, so it will give a chance to see areas that most tourists miss.


Dong Hoa Xuan
49 No Trang Long Street
Binh Thanh District
08 35101771

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