The Definitive Pet Travel Guide

Our office is just a short walk away from the SF SPCA where we’ve got quite a few friends helping dogs and cats find homes here in San Francisco. We were surprised to discover that no one had made a definitive pet travel guide.

So, in the hipmunk spirit, we created one ourselves.

And if you liked this, you’ll love the other infographics we’ve made about baggage fees.

In addition to the infographic below, Florence reminds us that short-nosed dogs are more vulnerable to environmental conditions than other breeds. Hot & humid weather in particular may cause breathing difficulties so really do your homework if you’re traveling in summer with a short-nosed dog and find a safe route if your pup must travel. (More info about this in the sequel infographic, to be focused on pet safety!)


Tip of the hat to Ben Huh for giving me this idea during a chat we had last month. Fun-fact: he is, in fact, allergic to cats.

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