The Mountain: A Stunning Milky Way Timelapse from Spain’s Highest Peak

This is a Hipmunk guest post from Jodi Ettenberg. Her views and opinions are hers alone and do not represent Hipmunk. 

We are used to seeing the Milky Way galaxy from space, like this NASA photo from the Fermi telescope:

But the video below is a whole new way to see the Milky Way, and easily the most beautiful thing you’ll watch this week. Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd set up his camera between the 4th and 11th of April atop Spain’s highest peak, El Teide mountain. At 3718m (12,198 ft) tall, it is one of the best places to photograph the stars, which is why the Teide Observatories are on its slopes. 

Though he wanted to capture the Milky Way, a sandstorm swept through the Sahara on the 9th of April, clouding the sky from the summit. Instead of ruining the scene (as Sorgjerd initialy worried it would) the sandstorm produced some of the most beautiful, haunting and shimmering scenes in his film. Watch for it at 32 seconds in:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed this video, take a look through his Facebook fan page or Twitter feed for more terrific films (The Aurora is one of my faves).

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