The Road to Coachella

Fellow Hipmunk’er Brit shares her journey to Coachella this year, amid friends, fanny packs, and ad-free festival grounds.

So there we were – a group of close friends, 15 people packed across two 30ft. RVs, Southward bound on California’s I-5, headed towards our mission – 3 full days of warm, rhythmic Coachella goodness. This is going to be awesome…

They say "it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey" and I could think of no better way to experience this journey than with a group of my greatest friends. We’ve come to call ourselves the “SuperKrew” and we had the "SK" temporary tattoos and patches to prove it.

Tons of tiny “SK” patches, a gift by yours truly.

Behold: SK patch fanny pack action!

Temporary tattoo!

Now bound together that weekend both in friendship and in tchotchke, we were ready to take on the festival. We stayed in an RV park, closest to the festival grounds only a few miles away. Coachella allows concert go-ers to purchase shuttle services directly to the gates – hats off to Coachella organizers for smooth festival logistics! We arrived early at Coachella’s first day, ready to roll; the goal was to take in as many shows as was physically possible.
The band Neon Indian was the first show we caught, who did well to put out good vibes, despite the unprecedented rain and grey skies that greeted us. Some standout acts for me were Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish House MafiaBeirut, who I had first seen at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival, and being in the crowd the night of the now infamous Tupac Shakur hologram act.
It took me a moment to realize that Coachella is completely free of advertisements. The grounds display zero advertising, with the exception being the Heineken dome. Instead of ads, crowds are greeted with unique art installations scattered throughout, as well as signage listing the amazing acts who’ve preformed at Coachella in the past. Having no ads is awesome and enhanced my experience; I could just enjoy the festival without being sold something.
Beautiful day, advert free.

When Sunday rolled around, the SuperKrew was toast. We had been dancing for 3 days, sleeping after midnight and waking up at noon the next day. The drive home was no walk in the park on our tired, partied-out bones, not to mention navigating San Francisco traffic in the midst of a Giants game letting out. Joy. I hit my bed and slept for what felt like 16 hrs – crashing at 6pm and emerging from my sleep-coma the next day. Best.sleep.ever.

If you can travel with the ones you love, the ones who can provide the comfortable silences, all the while adding joy to your life and enriching your experiences, then may you count yourself among the fortunate and of those whose riches cannot be counted. Thanks to my friends in the SuperKrew: Coachella, baby, we did it!

See you next year!

– Brit

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