The Secret to Getting Cheap Broadway Tickets

Plan a trip to New York and you’re bound to consider a ticket to one of our fabulous shows. We’ve dropped knowledge about our beloved city before, but here’s the lowdown on how to get the lowest prices possible for Billy Elliot or Book of Mormon (good luck, this one is all kinds of popular right now).

Keep in mind that average Broadway shows are over $100 a seat. It’s worth going through a bit of trouble for a 25% or (often) higher discount.

TKTS Booth at Times Square / South Street Seaport / Brooklyn

Show up the day of your show at least one hour before TKTS opens to make sure you can get the show you want — they’ve got a limited quantity and popular shows sell out fast.

Student or Senior?

Rush tickets (just $20 or $25) are available to folks with a valid Student ID and are often available to Seniors, too. Do your research on forums like Talkin’ Broadway to see what’s available for each show.

Comfy shoes? Standing Room Only (SRO) is an option

Like Rush tickets, these are often also available at the theater, but you’ll need to show up wicked early — do your research and find out theater SRO policies (often students only) and what time the box office opens. eHow has a good strategy guide.

Tip from commenter Le Plu

You can try going to Broadway on Wednesday they have low prices and usually the first show is cheaper… Ask the teller for obstructed view seats, you might not see the whole stage but you can find tickets as low as $30USD.

More of a long-term planner & don’t get enough email?

You could always sign up for one of the myriad of Broadway newsletters that will periodically send some great deals.

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